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Treating IBS with Hypnotherapy

If you are a sufferer, IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) is restricting and massively impacts on your quality of life. If you are reading this you may have tried other treatments and drugs to no avail. Good news… With Hypnotherapy I can help you!

Hypnotherapy: treating IBS with hypnosis

Have you heard the expression of having a gut feeling about something? Well, there is some truth in that! Known as the second brain, the gut acts and thinks independently from the main central nervous system in the body. Many IBS problems stem from a miscommunication from the stomach to the brain which is directly connected by a channel of special large nerve fibres. Utilising Hypnotherapy we can talk directly to your sub-consciousness to re-align this vital communication link.

Because of this direct channel, negative images, feelings, thoughts and emotions can impact the gut. Also, for this reason, stress and anxiety can be the cause of IBS, then the symptoms cause more stress and anxiety, and so the vicious circle continues.


With hypnosis we can stop this cycle by lowering your stress and anxiety.

Recognised by the NHS, you can now ask your GP to refer you for IBS hypnotherapy treatment. Hypnosis is a powerful and effective form of therapy for long term results.

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