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Overcome public speaking anxiety with hypnosis

Do you have public speaking anxiety? Whether giving a presentation at work or a speech at a wedding, the thought of speaking in public can horrify people. Using a powerful combination of hypnosis and NLP techniques, I can help you overcome your fear of public speaking, helping you to feel more calm, focused, and confident when speaking in public forums.

Overcome fear of public speaking with hypnotherapy

Glossophobia : The Fear of Public Speaking

The official name of this condition is glossophobia. It is widely reported that many of us fear public speaking more than death itself! This may sound extreme but highlights how big a problem this phobia is for many people.

Glossophobia manifests in many ways from the mind stuttering, losing concentration, shortness of breath, fainting, panic attacks, to the urge of running away. It is also known as Performance Anxiety, and like all other anxieties, it initiates a ‘Fight or Flight’ response in our mind and body. This is a normal biological condition that is designed to protect us. Unfortunately, sometimes it tries to protect us too much!

Just remember, moderated anxiety is normal and is needed as it helps you to remain focused.

overcome public speaking anxiety with hypnosis

How Hypnotherapy will help you with Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking anxiety often originates and manifests from a past incident. For example, the fear may have come from a bad experience at school when you were made to stand up and talk to the class or in assembly. You may have been nervous, stuttered on your words, or forgot them completely and your peers laughed.


This feeling of embarrassment and shame stays with you, sitting deep in your subconscious, being built up and compounded with every negative experience and thought of public speaking thereafter. Sometimes we are not even aware of where the fear originated from.

With hypnosis we can release that pressure cooker of negativity, to reframe it with a more positive mind set and behaviour pattern. As soon as you step up to speak you will be relaxed, focused, confident, and in control with no nerves.

Do not let public speaking anxiety hold you back with your career or giving that all important speech to friends and loved ones. Contact me now about public speaking hypnosis and book in a session.

Mark Robert Hypnotherapy is based in Surrey. Sessions can be in-person or via internet video call from anywhere in the world.

Mark Robert Hypnotherapy in Surrey: Public Speaking Anxiety Hypnosis & NLP

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