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Improve Sports Performance with NLP & Hypnosis

Improve sports performance with NLP and Hypnotherapy by getting rid of the psychological limitations that have been holding you back to gain that vital edge over competitors.

NLP combined with hypnosis is a powerful mind development system to gain high performance and excellence for sporting achievements.

In the highly competitive world of sports, having that edge mentally as well as physically can make all the difference between success and failure.

Whether you an athlete or coach, grassroots or professional, hypnosis and NLP will give you the psychological tool-set to enhance your, or your team’s performance.

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Sport science has changed dramatically over the last few years with hypnosis and NLP now an integral part of coaching. From professional football teams, Olympic athletes, to professional golfers and tennis players, NLP and hypnotherapy is just as a vital aspect of improving sports performance as diet and physical fitness is.

Using NLP visualisation techniques, positive anchoring, mind rehearsal, and hypnosis, I will give you a powerful psychological tool-set to improve communication, focus, confidence and performance for a more positive mindset. I can also identify problems that are holding you back, and to give positive mental processes for each element of a performance.

I have a specialist interest in enhanced sports performance. With a background in adventure sports and athlete management to professional snowboarders (Jamie Barrow and Nate Kern), I know what it takes to be psychologically prepared and focused to achieve success.

Simple techniques can vastly improve a golfers swing and improve a tennis player’s overall play. It will give a confident mindset and elevated focus to snowboarders, surfers, skateboarders, and mountain bikers. NLP and hypnosis techniques will also give the ability for athletes, swimmers, and cyclists to perform better and faster.

Team coaches use NLP techniques in training to improve communication, teamwork, mentality, and work ethics for great performance.

Just watch professionals in your favourite sport closely to see NLP and hypnosis in action. For example, if you watch Ronaldo before he takes a penalty you will notice he is in an enhanced focused state while preparing a mind rehearsal of the penalty going well – he rarely misses!

Enhanced sports performance with NLP and Hypnosis - Golfing

I can also help players and athletes who are struggling to regain performance or fitness levels following an injury or break. The road back from recovery can be a difficult journey but simple NLP techniques and hypnosis will help you bounce back stronger, fitter, better and more confident than before.

Being heavily involved in adventure sports over the last 10 years I absolutely love sharing my expertise with sports performance.  Contact me today to start that journey towards excellence and to be the best version of yourself.

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