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Stop Smoking
with Hypnotherapy

Kick that habit into touch and stop smoking with Hypnotherapy. Live a healthier and longer life for you and your loved ones.

Mark Robert Hypnotherapy Chris Stop Smoking Google review
Mark Robert Hypnotherapy Chloe Stop Smoking Google review

Have you have tried to quit smoking before but struggled in breaking the hold of the addiction? You are not alone! From nicotine patches, gum, vaping, to sheer willpower – you probably feel that you have tried everything?

To quit smoking is easier than you think. Using a powerful combination of NLP and hypnosis that is tailored to your individual needs, it is possible to stop smoking forever after just one session.

Hypnotherapy is proven and clinically recognise to have one of the highest success rates for smoking cessation.

Stop Smoking with Mark Robert Hypnotherapy :Image by Sara Kurfeß

How Hypnosis will help you to Stop Smoking

During the session we will investigate what smoking means to you and the reasons why you do smoke. For example, you may smoke for emotional reasons such as stress, or associate smoking with socialising with your friends. Then we can re-frame your subconscious mind to break these connections with smoking and to replace them with a more positive intention instead.

Think of it with this metaphor. Imagine your smoking habit is an app on your phone and you no longer want it. You simply delete that app and replace with a new and better app. This is exactly what you will be doing in your subconscious mind. We simply remove your need for smoking and replace it with a more positive behaviour.

Using hypnotherapy and NLP I can help you to make that positive change to your life and to quit smoking. Live a healthier life for the sake of yourself and for those who care about you.

Stop Smoking with Mark Robert Hypnotherapy :Image by Mikael Seegen

Why is my method of Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy so effective?

Hypnotherapy alone is a very effective method for smoking cessation, in fact 5 times higher than sheer willpower. My method of Stop Smoking hypnotherapy is so effective because I combine hypnosis with powerful techniques of NLP. This allows you to effectively reach your goal of having no desire to smoke and to remove your addiction of the poison that is nicotine.

Your Investment to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

I call it an investment because that is exactly what it is - you are investing in yourself to stop smoking. The average smoker in the UK spends £275 a month on smoking. That is £3,300 per year!

Your investment to stop smoking with hypnosis is only £175 

I am sure you can do the maths to work out that this is a great investment for your health and for those who care about you. 

Contact me today and book in a session. I can help you to quit smoking so you can enjoy life in a way that you want it to be.

Mark Robert Hypnotherapy in Surrey: Stop Smoking Hypnosis & NLP

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