Stress & Anxiety
with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy, combined with NLP, is an extremely effective method for treating anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

Anxiety is actually a natural biological reaction that is designed to keep us safe. The problem is sometimes our body and mind tries to protect us too much!


Stress and anxiety can become overwhelming and seem like it is taking over your life. Sometimes we do not know why we feel low or worried about something, or the thought of socialising or going somewhere can fill us with dread.

Hypnotherapy and NLP works on many levels as it will help you to feel calm, relaxed, and confident in anxiety provoking situations and help eradicate negative thoughts, emotions and feelings.

I will help you to realise negative patterns, thoughts and behaviours that may be linked to anxiety. In hypnosis you will be able to tap into your inner resources to reframe and change these catalysts for a more positive belief structure.

Under hypnosis, I will use relaxation and self-confidence techniques combined with powerfully effective techniques to transform your mindset so you can take back control of your emotions. It will allow you to respond to anxiety with calm and confidence.

It is important to note that I do not need to know your past to make positive long lasting changes to your life.

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Mark Robert hypnotherapy is based in Surrey for in-person stress and anxiety hypnosis sessions, also anywhere in the world with online video