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online hypnotherapy

Thanks to online video I do not just carry out hypnotherapy in Surrey but can offer online hypnosis sessions worldwide! But does online hypnotherapy work?

Online Hypnotherapy: Zoom hypnosis

Can hypnosis be done online?

The devastation that Covid-19 has left in its wake has changed how we live, think, and work forever. If there is one positive notion that we have got from these unsettling times, is that in many situations we have adapted and learnt to work more efficiently and effectively.

Our saving grace has been technology. Cloud working and video calling means that with many occupations we can work from anywhere. There is no need to commute for over an hour on packed tubes, or sit in traffic on a motorway, just to have a meeting or work on a computer. We can do this online from the comfort of our own homes!

Covid-19 lockdown laws has also changed how many hypnotherapists work. Unable to see clients in person, hypnotherapists (some kicking and screaming as they were dragged into the 21st century!) started to conduct their hypnotherapy sessions online.

It was soon realised that online hypnotherapy sessions with Zoom (or any other video calling platform) works really well. The beauty about Hypnotherapy and NLP is that a therapist does not need to be in the same room as the client for hypnosis to work. The more tactile therapists may have had to change their techniques, but online hypnosis is just as effective as being there in person.

Hypnotherapy online: hypnosis session at home

Is online hypnosis safe?

Yes! Online hypnotherapy and NLP is a safe and effective method for treating all the conditions that traditional in-person sessions do. This includes anxiety, stress, phobias, losing weight, stop smoking therapy, eating disorders, bruxism, IBS, sleep disorders, sports performance and public speaking.

What are the best online video platforms to use for Hypnotherapy?

My preference for online hypnotherapy is zoom, but all the popular online video call platforms are just as good as well. The most popular free platforms are Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Whatsapp, Bluejeans and Facebook.

 How does hypnotherapy work online or zoom.

Online hypnosis works in the same way as traditional in-person sessions do. You just need to make yourself comfortable and I guide you through communicating with your subconscious to get to the root of the problem, enabling you to re-frame or reprogram your subconscious for positive long lasting change.

You enter a trance state but you are not asleep and you are aware of what is happening at all times. I tailor the sessions to your needs and you do not do anything that you do not want to do!

For more information on what hypnotherapy and hypnosis is, please click here

Working From Home

How is online hypnotherapy different?

There is no difference for me with online video call hypnotherapy sessions than in-person – apart from the commute! Some hypnotherapists may struggle as they are tactile with their methods, but this is not an issue for me as I have various techniques that I use.

How do I get my home ready for an online hypnosis session?

All you need for online hypnotherapy is an internet connection and a comfy chair! Ideally you should be in a room where you are not likely to be distracted.

You do not need high tec video or microphone equipment as most laptops have a good enough camera and sound built in. A decent (non-lagging) internet connection is essential for uninterrupted sessions.

Are you ready to move forward and book an online hypnotherapy session?

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