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Past-Life Regression

By experiencing who you were in a past-life, can help you move forward with your life now!

A lot of hypnotists use past-life regression for entertainment purposes usually at a dedicated party, but it can be a powerful method in the therapy setting.

Past-life regression is where the client is guided in hypnosis to experience a former life before they were born

Some people may experinece being a historical figure such as Cleapatra, King Richard, or Shakesphere, but quite often it is not a notable figurehead in history. I mean, seriously, how many people can have possibly been related to Julius Caesar? Having said that, because of how Genghis Khan liked to sow his seeds, it is said that a third of the world have roots back relating to him!

Unlike Past-Life regression in an entertainment setting, I do not direct what type of experience my client recieves. Because of this the experiences can be very deep as they are looking through the lens of their eyes, hearing the sounds around them, and feeling all the emotions and pain from within.

From this they get a greater understanding of the past experiences and possible trauma that they have carried with them into their existing life. This baggage that they have been holding on to.

This realisation and understanding allows them to let go so they can finally move on with their lives. Experiencing who they were, helps them to identify who they are now!

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